Call of Duty Mobile – The Much Anticipated Game is Coming to Town


Gaming on your smartphone is the most thrilling experience. Activision and Tencent games collaborated to curate one of the wildest fantasies in the gaming world to reality.

Call of Duty Mobile closed beta version was recently released in several countries now including India. Activision has stated that the game’s access will be unveiled only in sequential batches as of now.

Maps, Characters, and Mode Verified

The much-awaited game will now feature new aspects like the several multiplayer modes, verified characters like Alex Mason not forgetting Simon Riley, a scorestreaks information fragment.

It is believed that the game Call of Duty Mobile will incorporate not less than five multiplayer modes. The modes will include Frontline, Hardpoint, Domination, Team Deathmatch, and Free-For-All. All the other modes sustain up to 10 gamers while Free-For-All supports only 8 players.

Those are the modes currently given out so probably the PC-version will have things like “Kill confirmed.”

On the side of the map, it will include up to seven maps now. The maps include Hijacked, Standoff, Killhouse, Crash, Nuketon, and Firing Range. From the look of things, the maps are not to be updated any time soon so they will remain that way for a while. The company also hints of additional modes in the coming days.

Loadouts, Scorestreaks, and Controls

Activision also published some information on the settings and controls for the game Call of Duty Mobile. The setting will now allow gamers to adjust sensitivity, choose if the players are to be always sprinting, collect and fine-tune the gyrostabilizer function for aiming, and twist the field-of-sight.

You could also select simple and more advanced modes. The simple one will enable auto-firing at foes while the advanced one will require you to fire manually. You will have to choose how to hold the different weapon kinds, and tailor-making your HUD.

Loadouts are items you pick as primary and tertiary weapons. Players will now be able to load an explosive grenade and add skins for every weapon. Some weapon skills are also available in this game and they may be something like for the Call of Duty: Blacks Ops 4.

There is also Scorestreaks which is basically Killstreak. The Scorestreaks will enable you access tools such as Recon Car, Air Supply Drop, and UAV.

Call of Duty Mobile does not consume a lot of your processor space meaning it should be able to run on basically simple baseline phones. However, it needs a reliable internet connection since most of the parts in the game will require syncing.

The gameplay was pulled out of the call of duty classic game but it keeps the online interaction of multiplayer really well. It is also vital to tell you that the game requires a minimum of 2 GB of space and a favorable RAM capacity for it to run smoothly.

One thing that is not yet confirmed is how this game is monetized. It is a free game to play so there should be a way through which it is to generate money but Activision has not said anything on that yet.

By now it can safely be deduced that Call of Duty Mobile is quite a promising platform that is going to compete mercilessly with other online multiplayer platforms such as the fan base at PUBG.