Call of Duty Mobile – Tips for Newbies

This game is now approaching regional beta testing and more information about it is available. This is actually a free to play new game that has made it bring together the popular maps,Iconic characters and the competitive game modes at large.

Pre-registration is still on and a lot about it is being revealed about its customization, modes, maps, characters, and equipment. Below are tips about this game you should know;

Choose the right class

In case you have a clue about this game, then you must be aware that this game has got different classes that players will choose from. You will actually get different class skill and abilities during the game greatly depending on your selection. You should actually better that you make a selection that will properly fit your style of playing. 

Keep an eye on the Beacons and the supply drops 

In case you have played PUBG before, then you have it in mind how the Supply Drops are important. Supply Drops can make an up gradation of different items that will, in turn, help you have an advantage while playing the game. This is not different from the game on topic as it is equipped with beacons that help in marking locations of Class Upgrade items. The items will greatly help you add greatness to your set skills to help you move from class to the other. For the game on topic, you are ever asked to be very cautious when approaching the supply drops since the enemies will also be on a mission to swarm to grab goods.

Best loot location in the map

You can take another mean to win big without necessarily waiting for the supply drop to give you better gears. Consider dropping in an area of the map that is deemed to have the best loot so that you can have an edge over the enemies. But then, remember that it’s not all the areas in a map makes better spots of looting. So, do it carefully so that you won’t land on a spot that will leave you empty-handed.

Use vehicles to get around

Call of Duty game puts players on a big map just like other battle royale games out there. You should not spend too much time going through the entire map on foot while there are many vehicles that you can use to traverse all through the map. You will have many recommendations to do all that is best to spot enemies and kill them instantly without necessary getting into contact with them. Among these recommendations is to man a helicopter with your full squad and simply make it run down fire from above. Another means you can employ is rafting through water bodies but then, with this method, you should stay clear so that snipers will not notice you. Snipers have been trained and once you are noticed you will be taken off by even just a single shot. You should learn all today about the game.