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Call of Duty Mobile Hack

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About Call of Duty Mobile

The Call of Duty Mobile version has become immensely popular at present given that it offers the gamer lots of characters, game modes, as well as weapons to choose from. In a nutshell, this game has something to offer for virtually anyone out there. As a matter of fact it is packed with lots of innovative features that can keep any gamer engrossed for hours together. However, it is imperative to stick to certain tips and tricks so as to get better results while playing this particular game. In the subsequent paragraphs, we have talked about several Call of Duty Mobile tips which one ought to be aware of.

1. Select the correct class

The initial step while enjoying this game will be to choose the proper class. It will be feasible to select from as many as 6 classes depending on the game style preferred by you. These classes consist of Scout, Defender, Clown, Mechanic, Ninja, and Medic each one of which is endowed with a unique ability that makes them different from one another.

In case you like to be a support player, you will be safeguarded by the Scout and Medic class. On the other hand, the Ninja and the Clown classes are going to be ideal for you provided you like to play a flank role because of the fact that they will allow you to go behind your foes without bewildering them or making them aware of you. Lastly, the Defender and the Mechanic classes will be appropriate for you if you are all set to fight all-out.

2. Dropping at the proper place

Call of Duty Mobile comes with places in the map having more or less loot depending on the location. The best loot within the map is possessed by Killhouse, Launch, Standoff, Shipment, and Nuclear Plant. On the contrary, Pipeline, Sakura, Estate, as well as Countdown come with decent loot although it is much less as compared to those obtainable in those sites having the best loot.

Lastly, Nuketown, Overgrown, Farm and Diner come with the lowest loot. You have the option of going for hot drops in those sites having the best loot depending on the type of strategy undertaken by you. Nevertheless, be aware of the fact that plenty of folks drop in the sites with the best loot, and therefore be ready for firefights as soon as you drop down.

A defensive approach can also be taken by you by dropping at the sites having low and medium loot while heading out to the end. Thus, you will get adequate time to travel and loot around the map and will not die a premature death while playing the game.

3. Utilizing the proper tactic and guns

You will come across many types of guns while playing the Call of Duty Mobile. Some of these guns happen to be better than the others. For example, while the Ak-47 comes with an accuracy of 45 and a damage of 70, the M4 features an accuracy of 70 plus damage of 45. It is your personal discretion regarding which one you like to use. The M4 will be a prudent choice if you are looking for a gun that can be controlled easily; on the other hand, it will be sensible to go for the AK-47 provided you are able to handle its strong recoil.

Always prepare yourself prior to engaging in a firefight and you need to understand your environment properly as well. One thing is for sure that with adequate practice and perseverance it will be possible for you to reach the top over time.